A Game Design Themed Hackathon where students team up to create a game in 24 hours.

Our hackathon is run by our local Game Development and Animation club in Miami-Dade Woflson Campus. Students will gather into teams of 2-4 to create a video game under 24 hours with assorted tools and resources alongside optional worshops hosted by industry leaders and local indie developers. Your games will be judged by a panel of developers with years of experience in the gaming industry, your goal is to pitch your game demo, idea, or story to the judges for final selection.

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MIA GAME JAM is open to all college students as well as Graduates who have graduated within the last 12 months. No matter your level of experience, Everyone attending is passionate about making games and are very beginner-friendly, so if you feel stuck, feel free to find a volunteer to assist you. If you don't have an idea for a game already, we will have some time in the beginning of the Hackathon for people to brainstorm and find potential team members.

How to enter

MIA Game Jam Volunteer Register

Currentley Registration for applicants is closed.

To register as a volunteer you must fill out the form provided on our website linked above. Volunteers will be put into shifts throughout the event to monitor students progress and help with any necessities.


Andru Fratarcangeli

Andru Fratarcangeli

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Frank Velasquez
aDigital Handyman

Myron Mortakis

Myron Mortakis

Alex Baptista

Alex Baptista

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Will Muniz

Judging Criteria

  • Design Documentation
    Does the project's documentation effectively communicate fun and original, yet realistic and sound, game design concepts?
  • Art Style
    How well does the project's 2D and 3D art depict the game's world and concepts?
  • Gameplay
    How well does the project play?